Trying to choose between a conventional water heater with a storage tank and a tankless water heater is something you could face at some point. After all, water heaters are the unsung heroes for a reliable source of hot water. Because your plumbing fixtures and home appliances depend on this hot water, it’s always crucial to carefully compare your options.

This useful guide from the local experts at Halverson Brothers Inc lays out tank and tankless water heaters. You’ll learn more about the distinct elements in their design along with some advantages and disadvantages of each one. These valuable insights will give you everything you need to make an informed choice that meets your home's hot water needs. Once you’ve made your decision, keep us in mind for professional tank water heater installation.

Storage Tank Water Heaters: A Time-Tested Favorite

Let's examine conventional storage tank water heaters first. That ample storage tank is the standout feature here, storing an ample supply of water that’s continually heated. As soon as you need hot water, a tank water heater can deliver it.


  • Lower Initial Costs: Tank water heaters generally have lower up-front installation costs, thanks in part to a straightforward design.
  • Streamlined Maintenance Needs: A streamlined design also translates into fewer potential maintenance needs.


  • Nonstop Heating: Tank water heaters have to keep water continuously heated, which equals wasted energy if you’re not frequently using that water.
  • Bulky Size: The tank itself can be a problem in tight quarters. If your home is missing a basement or utility closet, installation becomes a bit trickier.

Tankless Water Heaters: Efficient and Innovative

Now, let's consider tankless water heaters, an advanced alternative that’s comparatively recent. Unlike tank models, tankless water heaters operate only as required. They’re generating hot water only when you ask for it, thanks to robust heating elements as the water comes through the system.


  • Less Energy Used: Tankless models can improve your plumbing’s energy efficiency since they aren’t always on.
  • Surprisingly Durable: With routine maintenance from a certified expert, tankless water heaters can boast many years of service.


  • Bigger Price Tag Up Front: Initial installation costs are higher due to the more complex design.
  • May Need More Upkeep: Tankless models do best when provided more periodic maintenance to keep their vital components working efficiently.
  • Retrofitting Challenges: Older homes aren’t always equipped for a tankless water heater. Plumbers can retrofit your plumbing to accommodate one, but it could add further costs to your installation project.

Deciding on Your Ideal Water Heater: Every Home Has Unique Needs

In general, we’d recommend the greater energy efficiency that tankless water heaters can offer. But this is based on factors such as how much hot water you go through every day. You should reflect on your specific hot water needs before you make your decision.

  1. Typical Hot Water Use: Gauge how much hot water your household goes through on average. As an example, large families who enjoy sports or have pets almost always need much more hot water than a single person living alone.
  2. Sufficient Space to Install It: The dimensions of your home can influence how effectively a water heater operates. Consider all possible installation locations and confirm with professionals if your model is capable of fitting where you want it go.
  3. The Area’s Average Temperatures Through the Year: Long winters mean a water heater that works harder. This reduces the efficiency of tankless models, which are most efficient when there won’t be any big spikes in water usage.
  4. Utility Costs: Your community’s energy prices can make one option more appealing over the other.

Keep in mind, a trained professional like those at Halverson Brothers Inc can help you in making a more educated decision. They understand which brands meet your specific needs before ensuring a smoother installation process.

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