Expert Plumbing Services in Menomonie and western Wisconsin, Wisconsin

Halverson Brothers Plumbing has been offering residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing services to Menomonie, the surrounding communities and western Wisconsin since 1945.

Our plumbing service includes (but is not limited to):

  • Faucet repair & replacement
  • Home and bathroom remodel
  • Septic system installations
  • Sewer and drain cleaning
  • Water heater repair & installations
  • Water treatment & installations
  • Water softener testing

Sewer and drain cleaning can include the use of a sewer camera and locator to and locate the exact problem in a sewer line, conventional sewer machine use with cable and auger to those constantly troublesome tree roots or high pressure water jetting to cut through the obstruction including frozen sewer lines.

We service and carry parts for many brands of faucets, water heaters, water treatment systems and more.

Our service technicians have been professionally trained and have had background screening performed by an independent agency to help ensure the highest quality of service.

Projects we work on range from a plugged bathtub drain or leaking kitchen faucet to a sewer line replacement or a remodeled bathroom to a new home construction all the way to a new building such as the new high school and elementary school in New Richmond (completed in 2010) or the remodel and addition work that we did to Fleming and Hovlid Halls at UW-Stout (completed in 2012). In 2018, we participated in the largest school referendum to date in Wisconsin state history in working with the Hudson School District for construction of the new high school project.

No matter the size of the project, our goal is to offer you the best quality, price to maintain the relationship well after the work has been completed.

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12 Indications You Should Call a Plumber

A few plumbing problems, like a broken pipe, are obvious. A few aren’t as blatant but have the potential to impose a lot of destruction in your home.

While you may attempt to repair some of these plumbing issues by yourself, you may result making them worse in most cases. Pro plumbers have undertaken specialized instruction and have years of hands-on skills.

Here are a few circumstances that require the expertise of a local plumber like Halverson Brothers Inc.


Water Drips


burst pipes icon

1. Leaking Pipes

In the cold season, water can freeze in your pipes and cause them to break. A broken pipe can cause an overload of water and serious water damage in your home if it’s not repaired right away.

If you think you have a burst pipe, the beginning step is to shut off your property’s water reserve. You’ll do this at the main water shutoff valve, which is commonly situated in your utility area or basement. Rotating the spigot clockwise will disable the water.

Then call us at 715-352-4052 now. If it’s behind a partition, in your backyard or under your house’s foundation, we’ll be able to locate the leaking pipe and fix it swiftly.

increased water bill icon

2. Water Bills Keep Increasing

If you haven’t used more water than typical and your fee doubles, there’s a good chance you have a leak. Sometimes your dues will increase just a little bit. It’s harder to detect but will usually become more obvious as the leak gets bigger.

It may be difficult to find a water leak without professional help. However you can examine your water meter to determine if the leak is in or out of your home.

moldy ceiling icon

3. Mold is Emerging on Walls, Ceilings or Floors

A little bit of mold is normal in humid quarters like bathrooms. Although it’s not typical to find large amounts growing on a non-shower wall, the ceiling or on baseboards, especially if these spaces feel pliant to the touch.

damaged walls icon

4. Walls, Ceiling or Floors are Damaged

A leaking pipe can make walls, ceilings and floors to feel flexible or dip. It may also leave water marks on surfaces.

These issues can exist in areas with poor ventilation or high humidity. However they’re exceptionally difficult if you are enduring other signs of a broken pipe, like mold or musty smells.

musty smell icon

5. Stale Smell

Stagnant water can make a space smell like mildew. If the area also has wet walls or floors, you possibly have a water leak.


Other Plumbing Issues


sink backflow icon

6. Backflow in Your Sink or Toilet

Your plumbing can back up sewer water and cause ruin when the water pressure decreases in your home. This can be caused by a damaged backflow preventer, sewer line deterioration or other municipal complications. Reach out to our team at 715-352-4052 at the first indication of backflow and our experts will get it fixed promptly.

poor water pressure icon

7. Water Pressure is Low

A number of items can be the issue when your water pressure is lacking. There can be a block in your toilet. It could also be caused by a malfunctioning boiler or a broken pipe.

no hot water icon

8. There’s Never Plentiful Hot Water

If you have a water heater with a tank, it has a defined space for hot water. If you’re experiencing chilly water when you have not used much hot water, something may be faulty. Your water heater could be dripping, in need or repair or need to be updated.

slow drain icon

9. Sink or Shower Clears Slowly

A block is probably to be the reason when your sink or shower is draining too slowly. We use a unique instrument alike to a drain snake to unblock and get your fittings draining correctly again.

running toilet icon

10. Toilet Won’t Stop Running

If your toilet’s tank seal fails, it will cause the tank to go on refilling. A toilet that is always refilling can rapidly drive up your water dues.

dirty water icon

11. Water is Rusty

Your water should be clear.

Don’t have concern if the water comes out off-color once in a while, as this usually just means there’s air in the water reserve. If you see particles settling in your glass, we suggest you have your boiler examined.

Water that’s any other color can be dangerous to your body. Below are a variety of situations that can cause your water to be discolored:

  • Brown, red or yellow—This is often the result of a water main break in your community. It can also mean your pipes are old or rusty.
  • Green or blue—This is particularly serious, as it means your pipes are most likely decaying. Your water may taste metallic or bitter on account of a high amount of copper or lead. Long-term exposure has been linked to critical health problems in individuals, including intestinal illnesses, cancer and seizures.

If you’re seeing discolored water or sediment in your water, call us at 715-352-4052 and our experts will determine the issue.

loud pipes icon

12. Pipes are Making Odd Bangs

It isn’t typical to hear loud bangs in your plumbing system while running water. This means your pipes may be loose or may be close to dripping.

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