Lennox® Zoning System

Lennox iHarmony Zoning System

Lennox® HVAC zoning systems in Menomonie and western Wisconsin, Wisconsin, have improved the way families run heating or cooling in their residences.

This unit works with your HVAC equipment to produce different climates for extending to four areas in your residence. It utilizes zone dampers to open or close ducts to divert airflow.

Utilizing a product to zone your house also enables you to change climates related to area usage or period of time. In the wintertime you might want to leave the temperature cozier for regularly occupied areas, such as your living room or kitchen. And keep infrequently used spaces, like an extra room, cooler by regulating airflow.

This energy-efficient system could also help lower your energy bills year-round, especially when accompanying a Lennox smart thermostat. Then, you may customize your temperature from everywhere with a web-compatible device.

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Lennox zoning systems Comparison card

Zoning Systems Comparison Card

Lennox® zoning systems come appointed with customized comfort for your needs. So, no matter which zoning system you choose, you’ll enjoy year-round energy savings. Click to download our current Lennox zoning systems comparison card to see which would be the right fit for your home.

3 Perks of a Zone Control System

A zoning system can deliver a variety of advantages for your home, including:

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1. Additional control over your heating and cooling equipment

Since you have the opportunity to set the temperature for specific corners of your household. 

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2. Further energy efficiency

Considering you only need to employ heating or cooling for areas you use.

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3. Improved well-being

Especially when family members want varying conditions.

Save More with a Zoning System for Your Home

When you would like to put in zoning at your residence, look to the heating and cooling pros at Halverson Brothers Inc. Call us at 715-352-4052 or connect with us online to learn more about temperature zoning and which product can work best for you.

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